Iceland Day 2: Gullfoss

Note: This post originally appeared on my previous blog, “Weekend Wanderer”

For my second day in Iceland, I booked the Golden Circle Tour through GeoIceland for about $77.00. This was a full-day (~8 hours) tour by mini-bus, which conveniently picked me up and dropped me off right in front of my hotel.

Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland |
Gullfoss waterfall

One of our first stops was Gullfoss (“Golden Falls”), which is probably the most famous waterfall in Iceland, although definitely not the largest. But with a 32-meter drop and a double cascade, this waterfall won’t disappoint. This site involves a bit of walking, but a well-maintained pathway and multiple viewing decks make it easier for those less athletically-inclined. There is also a small tourist information center and cafe at the top of the waterfall. Restrooms are available, but for a fee (~$1.50).

Gullfoss Waterfall |

Gullfoss Waterfall |

Gullfoss Waterfall |


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