Lauren vs. Organ Meat

Spoiler Alert: the organ meat won…this time… organ-meat_main For awhile now, I’ve been on a quest to incorporate organ meat into my diet. My vitamin levels have been very low due to months (years?) of having undiagnosed Celiac disease…while I was eating gluten, the villi in my small intestine were deteriorating, leaving me unable to absorb all the healthy stuff I was putting into my body. So as my intestines heal, I am trying to give myself an extra dose of all those nutrients I am missing, and organ meat seems like a good answer. (Be sure to checkout this post from The Paleo Mom on all the benefits of organ meat consumption)

I’m not at all squeamish, so handling animal organs doesn’t bother me one bit – but the smell certainly does. I’ve finally accepted chicken liver as part of my diet, after lots of experimentation (mixing it with ground beef was the solution!). So tonight I thought I’d tackle beef heart, using it in a stir fry. Heart is a muscle, and since I already eat the muscles of animals all the time, I figured this would be an easy segway…except that the butcher didn’t have heart meat today, and the only organ meat available was lamb kidney. So I went ahead and separated the kidney from the ureters, chopped them up and sauteed them in some coconut oil. Everything was going just fine, until I caught a whiff of what can only be described as a faint urine smell (!) and I immediately threw up in my kitchen sink (and then threw the kidney in the garbage).

I failed. 😦

Anyone have tips for cooking kidney?

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