Gluten Free Pizza (that actually tastes good!)

Russ Crandall is a fucking genious. I have searched and searched and searched for a gluten-free pizza dough recipe that didn’t taste like dirt, and have always been disappointed. Even restaurant-made gf pizza tasted like a mixture of sadness and cardboard (I’m looking at you, Stone Hearth Pizza).

But finally – FINALLY(!) – Russ Crandall’s book, “Paleo Takeout: Restaurant Favorites without the Junk” saved the day with the perfect pizza dough recipe. Seriously, the crust is fantastic! I couldn’t even get a good photo, because I was too busy wolfing down this pizza:


I won’t post the recipe out of respect for Russ, since it’s only available in his book. But I can tell you that it is VERY similar to this recipe found on his blog back in December 2012….and it involves a mixture of potato starch & tapioca starch. Instead of cooking two pizzas in a cast iron skillet, I combined the dough to make one pizza that I cooked on a baking sheet.


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