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Total Damage adalah band yang mengusung aliran Crust Grind yang berasal dari Selatan Jakarta, yang terbentuk pada tahun 1997. TOTAL DAMAGE diartikan sebagai kerusakan total pada seluruh aspek kehidupan manusia, yang diciptakan oleh manusia itu sendiri dan berdampak pada makhluk lainnya yang mengakibatkan kehancuran dan pemusnahan masal

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  • mp3 punk - Blogger

    mp3 punk - Blogger

    realitas (crustpunk jakarta) - blister (crustpunk bandung) - ina subs (punkrock skinhead jakarta) - letters to elise (punk rock lombok) - before you get in (punk rock jakarta) - extreme decay (grindcore malang) - pathetic (melodic punk purwakarta) - disobedient kids (punk rock bekasi) - the momo (punkrock jakarta) - almost brothers (hardcore

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  • street,cruzh,screamo punk

    street,cruzh,screamo punk

    Jan 08, 2010 This style is dubbed crustgrind. [6] The powerviolence offshoot is also linked to crust, in the cases of Man Is the Bastard and Dropdead. [15] Black metal influences. Crust punk groups, such as Amebix, took some influence from the early black metal of Venom and Celtic Frost. [3] Similarly, Bathory was initially inspired by crust punk as well

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  • ClusterBombUnit's Guestbook

    ClusterBombUnit's Guestbook

    interview with: STEPFORWARD (Jakarta newschoolHC), PHOBIA (extremegrind), DISTRUST (Singapore crustpunk), profil by: SPIRAL RECORDS (political label from US), GRUBBY (HARDCORE from TOKYO). plus article, review (tape/zine), infos, flyers and more.!!!!! formated (A5/B&W/20page) (written in INDONESIA) out in february 2001

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  • belajar membuat blog

    belajar membuat blog

    Nov 30, 2011 Crustgrind - Cybergrind - Deathgrind: ... Di Jakarta sendiri konsolidasi scene metal secara masif berpusat di Blok M sekitar awal 1995. Kala itu sebagian anak-anak metal sering terlihat nongkrong di lantai 6 game center Blok M Plaza dan di sebuah resto waralaba terkenal di sana. Aktifitas mereka selain hang out adalah bertukar informasi tentang

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  • NEW TITLES - Weebly

    NEW TITLES - Weebly

    DEATHRAID ‘Eternal Slumber’ 12” LP // Agipunk Records | €12,00 DEATHRAID ‘Eternal Slumber’ features 10 tracks of down-tuned, heavy and distorted filled Dbeat crustpunk. ‘Eternal Slumber’ has been previously released as a cassette tape and limited on a run of 200 copies and it’s been distributed by the band itself during their successful European Tour last 2015

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  • Hardcore Punk | Undergrind Zine

    Hardcore Punk | Undergrind Zine

    Apr 26, 2013 The new split release by 7 degrees records is a great mix between punk, hardcore and grind. Especially the Kratzer side is full of high speed energy and soaring guitars, but the grinding aggression doesn’t come to full fruition until the Kvazar side sets in its blast beat power

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  • + HARDCORE PUNX + Hardcore + Punk + LP´s + EP´s +

    + HARDCORE PUNX + Hardcore + Punk + LP´s + EP´s +

    Dec 24, 2020 RAZZIA is a german punk band from hamburg-langenhorn formed in 1979. am rande von berlin is the first studio album that has been released since 1991 with the original line-up around the singer rajas thiele, which reminds me in their style, energy and quality to the first album from 1983 tag ohne schatten. combined with sophisticated and intelligent lyrics, the new songs are characterized by

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  • Metal Music: Genre Musik Metal

    Metal Music: Genre Musik Metal

    Death metal adalah sebuah sub-genre dari musik heavy metal yang berkembang dari thrash metal pada awal 1980-an. Beberapa ciri khasnya adalah lirik lagu yang bertemakan kekerasan atau kematian, ritme gitar rendah (downtuned rhythm guitars), perkusi yang cepat, dan intensitas dinamis.Vokal biasanya dinyanyikan dengan gerutuan (death grunt) atau geraman maut (death growl)

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  • Music of Hungary - Wikipedia

    Music of Hungary - Wikipedia

    Hungary has made many contributions to the fields of folk, popular and classical music.Hungarian folk music is a prominent part of the national identity and continues to play a major part in Hungarian music. It is also strong in the Szabolcs-Szatm r area and in the southwest part of Transdanubia.The Bus j r s carnival in Moh cs is a major Hungarian folk music event, formerly featuring the

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  • Bang IsKanN

    Bang IsKanN

    Genre campuran (fusion) Blackened death metal, Folk metal, Melodic black metal. Band-band. Black metal diawali oleh band Venom pada tahun 1982 lewat album berjudul Black Metal. lalu diikuti oleh band-band seperti Bathory, Mayhem, Mercyfull Fate, Hellhammer/Celtic Forst. semua band ini

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  • overview for sterndaddy4

    overview for sterndaddy4

    74. Made this for my dad for Christmas, also as an early retirement gift. The handle is brass with hidden brass pins, with natural Sambar Stag antler. Also did the custom leather sheath, with help from a friend. Steel is CPM S35 VN, acid etched and tumbled in a rock tumbler

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  • (Demo) C2H6O | DisAIDS

    (Demo) C2H6O | DisAIDS

    May 11, 2017 (Demo) C2H6O by DisAIDS, released 11 May 2017 1. Probisvet 2. Pandurski Sljam 3. Moja Smrt 4. Koma 5. Sutra (Distress) 6. Jebena Vlast 7. Midian

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  • Similar artists - life for anything else

    Similar artists - life for anything else

    Find similar artists to life for anything else and discover new music. Scrobble songs to get recommendations on tracks, albums, and artists you'll love

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  • Crust punk - Wikipedia

    Crust punk - Wikipedia

    Crust punk (also known as crust or stenchcore) is a form of music influenced by English punk rock and extreme metal. The style, which evolved in the early 1980s in England, often has songs with dark and pessimistic lyrics that linger on political and social ills. The term crust was coined by Hellbastard on their 1986 Ripper Crust demo.. Crust is partly defined by its bassy and dirty sound

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    by Pretty Shitty Noise. 0. Nasum (pronounced ‘nay-sum’) was a grindcore band from rebro, Sweden formed in 1992. The band released four studio albums, developed into “one of that country’s premier metal acts” and disbanded after the December 2004 tsunami killed

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  • Crustcore


    Crustcore (also crust punk, often simply called crust) describes a style of music and a subculture that has its roots in anarcho and hardcore punk and finds its supporters especially in left and radical left youth culture.The members of this subculture mostly refer to themselves as crusties.The term “stenchcore” is sometimes used as a synonym for early British crustcore, which was

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  • ARAME - Brazilian Crust - Home | Facebook

    ARAME - Brazilian Crust - Home | Facebook

    ARAME - Brazilian Crust. 554 likes 3 talking about this. ARAME - Brazilian Crust band. Lorena Bonna - Vocals Fabio Mozine - Bass Igor Pellegrini - Guitars & Vocal Gustavo Barbosa - Guitars

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  • Pogohai Records - Posts | Facebook

    Pogohai Records - Posts | Facebook

    Crustgrind from Indonesia ( Bangsat ) and Germany (C.O.D.) KELLERASSELN - Mittelmeerromantik 7 Crustpunk from Germany. DISTINCT CULT - Tyrants in Disguise LP Thrashmetal from Germany. MOTRON - Eternal headache LP Metalcrust from Italy. WARPATH - Oblio LP Metalcrust from Italy. KAMI ADA - Resistencia Libertad 7 Female-fronted Hardcorepunk from

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  • B.O.G. records & tapes - 5" 6" 7" distrolist

    B.O.G. records & tapes - 5" 6" 7" distrolist

    CULT!!!) 5,5€. ***GOREDOZER ‎: Biological Extinction 7” (Fresh GOREGRIND one-man project by Tom (also in HAGGUS, COLOSTOMY SPACEBAG) from Oakland, California, USA. This is his debut EP with this project. 7inch vinyl format released by FYL Records and SKULLGRINDER records!! MEGA BLAAAASTING SICK release!!! 5€

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  • kumpulan lagu punk

    kumpulan lagu punk

    The Bootsuck - Fight To Survive (CrustPunk Tangerang).mp3 The Bootsuck - No Day For Tomorrow.mp3 The Bootsuck - Set Back The Fire.mp3 The Bootsuck - Vini Vidi Vici.mp3 The Bootsuck - Weapon Is The Key.mp3 The Civil Disoder - Chaos party (H.C StreetPunk Jakarta).mp3 The Civil Disoder - Civil disorder.mp3 The Civil Disoder - Fight

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    The Bootsuck – Fight To Survive (CrustPunk Tangerang).mp3 The Bootsuck – No Day For Tomorrow.mp3 The Bootsuck – Set Back The Fire.mp3 The Bootsuck – Vini Vidi Vici.mp3 The Bootsuck – Weapon Is The Key.mp3 The Civil Disoder – Chaos party (H.C StreetPunk Jakarta).mp3 The Civil Disoder – Civil disorder.mp3 The Civil Disoder – Fight

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  • Albert suhendra musik punk ska

    Albert suhendra musik punk ska

    Dec 14, 2010 Ska punk is a fusion music genre that combines ska and punk rock. It achieved its highest level of commercial success in the United States in the late 1990s. Ska-core (sometimes spelled skacore) is a subgenre of ska punk, blending ska with hardcore punk

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